Some words about our staff:
What differs us the most is a fact that we have the most beautiful and vivid Head Director-General in the world!
Always ready for praising, reprimanding and whirling lullabies, checking and instructing, forcing hard and teaching to rest, demanding respectful service and providing great entertainment, and most importantly - he is never afraid to slip his paw into any job!
Please meet Misha Myshkin aka Mister Kass aka Mr. Director-General for All World Affairs. 

We will try to keep you informed of Mr.'s activities in the future!
To see what he has to put up with professionally, please visit our e-shop!


The world is changing and we try to keep up with it - from now on it is possible to shop DEKO goodies online as well. We do our best to become superproffessionals in this field also! 
* As our choice of goods is quite wide ranged, it is not possible to upload every little thing we have, so if you remember a thing or two you saw at our real shop but do not find here, please feel free to write us at!
* If there's project, that needs knitting or chrocheting,  but no one to be found to complete it - send us a note and perhaps we will be able to help! 
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