DEKOkodu provides an interesting choice of Scandinavian design as well as Estonian design and crafts since 2012.

Eco, recycle, upcycle, smallfactory production, modern design, unique crafts, "on sale oNLY at our shop" - hose are the markers we love the most!

We are the only shop that tries to balance on the thin line between design and handcraft. Our products are not "ovedesigned" nor too mainstreamely crafty but cool, interesting, novel, stylish, exceptional! Our handmade products are made by old tradition way but they speak the language of our time - take the smart-glove for example.
We do our best to keep our choice of  goods ethical esthetical and practical - your brand new beautiful kitchen supply has to be practical to use and it has to be enviromental-friendly as well as resoucre efficiently

We showcase 2 main sections - Skandinaavia disain and Eesti käsitöö.
Partners in Scandinavia are:
Madam Stoltz - Denmark
Nordal - Denmark
Bloomingville - Denmark
More Joy - Finland
Magisso - Finland

Iris Hantwerk - Sweden

Estonian design and crafts includes:
Pirat Chappel
Metsik Kuu
Mia Pupe
Hestia Koda
Liina Lember
Ksenja Kuligina
Katarina Naarits
Anu Vingissaar
Maria Reppo
Svetlana Aleksejeva
Reine Uspenski

Two main themes are blended in with retro-goodies, some art and lots of small surprizes in between!

Please visit us at Voorimehe street or shop the e-way!