Mr. Director-General has a new project
Director-General Myshkin has an ongoing mega-important project to - once again - collect some points of honor by leading by example.
Mr. is trying harder than his best, deadlines are attacking severly - it is extremely important to be summerbrown for the 2nd of June, as everyone knows - but humanoids, who are at free range at home, do not let concentrate to the allmighty sunbathing task. They wander around aimlessly, tote gadgets, plant seeds and do not care about the grand task given - some are even hiding in the room stitching the web... Again and again Mr. has to idle from the hustle of work and give them a few piercing and burning looks. Fortunately, the omnipotent director's eye still nails them in the frying position for at least a moment. 
What a bunch of indifferent sluggards!
Training session

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